Campaign for the Future

My Dear Friends in Christ,

I know that you share in the pride we have for our awe-inspiring church building. St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church, formed 116 years ago by the sacrificial gifts of 104 families, has been home to countless family memories and sacramental celebrations for six generations. These generations of faithful parishioners and supporters have maintained and updated the church building over the years whenever it has been necessary. We share their commitment to ensure that this historic building will continue to house the weekly and seasonally important celebrations of the Mass, as well as the baptisms, weddings and funerals of our loved ones in current and future generations.

It has been my distinct privilege to serve as the pastor of St. John the Baptist for 14 years. In this capacity, I have interacted with long-time and new parishioners, as well as our seasonal visitors who enjoy our church during the holidays and special feasts, and many other friends of Saint John. I have witnessed the generosity of our parishioners and friends who continue to support St. John in honor or memory of family members and those who have gone before us. I have also seen friends return to celebrate their faith and cultural heritage with us at Columbus’ oldest and original national parish. In addition, I have supported the return of the Columbus Italian Festival to the church grounds, which has introduced even more people to our church and our neighborhood.

However, hosting such significant events in the spiritual, social and cultural life of the central Ohio community has also presented challenges to our facilities. Following an extensive study of our current facility needs by professional architect and parishioner David Meleca and our Finance Council, we are embarking on an initiative to secure $1 million in pledges and gifts. These funds will be used to complete necessary renovations that will improve the accessibility, safety and security of our church’s entrances and strengthen the church’s exterior and environs for the next 50 years, whether it is being used for weekly or seasonal celebrations, or hosting our beloved festival.

Please review the information in this brochure and give prayerful consideration to:

  • A sacrificial gift or pledge you can make to support this initiative in addition to your regular offertory support of St. John the Baptist.
  • A naming opportunity commensurate with your gift or pledge that you and/or your extended family may wish to reserve in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Gratefully yours in Christ,
Reverend William A. Metzger,

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